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Poacher Pion changes name at sea0

Posted on June 30th, 2012 in News on IUU fishing vessels

The fishing vessel Pion (IMO 8713392) on the CCAMLR IUU vessel list has changed name to Octopus-1 and flag Mongolia. AIS signals indicate that the flag change happened between the 13th and 14th of June at S 47°59.41′E 008°37.65′ just north of the Bouvet Island. The vessel has now had at least 9 names and 8 flags since CCAMLR put her on the IUU vessel list in 2004.

The AIS signals are consistent with fishing and the vessel is in the SEAFO regulatory area.

Time stamp AIS signal 2012-06-13 T08:12:38.000Z 2012-06-14T 11:38:37.000Z
MMSI 334700000 457712000
Country Honduras Mongolia
Ship name PION OCTOPUS-1
Call sign HQXJ4 JVAM1
IMO number 8713392 8713392


Octopus-1, former Pion in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

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