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IUU listed vessel Seabull 22 with new name

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The CCAMLR and SEAFO IUU listed vessel Seabull 22, IMO 6803961 seems to have changed name to Itziar II. The vessel is most likely still Nigeria flagged and she has the same radio call sign as earlier.

The vessel was spotted by sports fishermen 30 miles off the Angola coast in June this year. The vessel was operating gill nets at 100 to 200 meter depth.

This is the third former toothfish poacher to appear in the South Atlantic in a short period of time. Also in June the poacher Ray lost her Belize flag after having tried to get a fishing license in Angola. And further south the poacher Octopus-1 is still operating in international waters after having changed name (from Pion) and flag (to Mongolia) in mid June.

Itziar II in Angola June 2012 (

Seabull 22 (then Gold Dragon) fishing in the southern oceans

Poacher Pion changes name at sea

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The fishing vessel Pion (IMO 8713392) on the CCAMLR IUU vessel list has changed name to Octopus-1 and flag Mongolia. AIS signals indicate that the flag change happened between the 13th and 14th of June at S 47°59.41′E 008°37.65′ just north of the Bouvet Island. The vessel has now had at least 9 names and 8 flags since CCAMLR put her on the IUU vessel list in 2004.

The AIS signals are consistent with fishing and the vessel is in the SEAFO regulatory area.

Time stamp AIS signal 2012-06-13 T08:12:38.000Z 2012-06-14T 11:38:37.000Z
MMSI 334700000 457712000
Country Honduras Mongolia
Ship name PION OCTOPUS-1
Call sign HQXJ4 JVAM1
IMO number 8713392 8713392


Octopus-1, former Pion in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

Poacher Ray refused license in Angola

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Angola has denied the IUU listed vessel Ray a fishing license and has asked the vessel to leave the port of Luanda immediately. 

The Ray, IMO  6607666, is on the CCAMLR and the SEAFO IUU vessel lists. April 12th this year she arrived in Luanda from Singapore, applying for a fishing license. The vessel, that used to be involved in toothfish longlining had been rebuilt for gill net fishing.

The new registered owner of the vessel is Belfast Global, SA 53rd E Street, Urbanizacion Marbella MMG Tower, 16th Floor Panamá – Republica Panama. The operator of the vessel is Belfast Global S.A. Explanada del Castillo S/N 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). 

Ray in the Southern Oceans. Name at the time was Tropic

According to LexisNexis Mr. Juan Manuel Freire Rodriguez of Belfast Global is an executive of Freiremar Sociedad Anonomia, Avenida de los Consignatorios S/N, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 35008 Spain. This is the same address and similar name as Freiremar SA. Freiremar SA is the former owner of  Ray’s sister vessel Challenge, IMO 6622642. Challenge is on the CCAMLR IUU vessel list for fishing inside the CCAMLR regulatory area without a license. The first sighting of the vessel in unregulated fishing in the CCAMLR area was in 2006. Freiremar was associated with the vessel from the year 2000 (through what appears to be a subsidiary; Prion Ltd in Falkland Islands to January 2005) to October 2005 when the vessel was sold to Argibay Perez JA, Apdo 141, 15960 Santa Uxia de Ribeira (La Coruna), Spain. 

Argibay Perez owned Ray until Belfast Global bought her and is also the owner of another CCAMLR and SEAFO IUU listed vessel, the Pion, which left Singapore together with the Ray in March this year.

For a complete overview of the history of the vessels, click the links to the combined IUU vessel list below:





The CCAMLR IUU listed vessel Yangzi Hua 44 has changed name to Wutaishan Anhui 44

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Unconfirmed information suggests that the Yangzi Hua 44, IUU listed by CCAMLR, has changed name to Wutaishan Anhui 44.

The Wutaishan Anhui 44 was last seen at 0528 GMT on Tuesday 24 April 2012 at position 07°50’south, 102°59’east, heading 052° at 11 knots. That indicates that the vessel was on her way to Singapore or some other port in the area. The vessel seems to be flagged to Tanzania with Zanzibar as home port. The new call sign is 5IM488. The call sign and home port can be seen in the pictures below. The vessel is, as is common for IUU vessels, attempting to hide name and home port under a fishing net.

You can read more about the history of the vessel here.

IUU-vessel list details.

















Poacher Ray in Luanda for 12 days

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The toothfish poacher RAY, ex Kily, Constant and Tropic is in Luanda and has been there for the past 12 days. In March, the TM Foundation noted that the IUU listed vessel “Kily” had changed name, flag and owner. The vessel transmitted the name “Ray” and flag “Belize” from its AIS in Singapore harbour.

The vessel is IUU listed by CCAMLR, therefore also IUU listed by SEAFO. Since Angola is a member of SEAFO, the country is obliged to take action.

To see the vessel’s history of name, flag and owner changes see the vessel sheet in the TM combined IUU vessel list. 




Mozambique and Liberia cooperate in the fight against illegal fishing

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Mozambique suspends the license of Spanish flagged purse seine vessel F/V DONIENE for illegal fishing in Liberia’s waters. Proof of illegal fishing by the F/V Doniene in Liberia has been found after an inspection of the vessel was carried out by the Ministry of Fisheries in Mozambique following an excellent example of cooperation between the governments of Liberia and Mozambique.

In January 2011, the Minister of Agriculture in Liberia, the Hon. Florence A. Chenoweth declared a moratorium on large pelagic fisheries that lasted until 1st of April 2011. However, no tuna vessels have been licensed to date by the Liberian Authorities, so in September 2011, when Stop Illegal Fishingin cooperation with the TM Foundation presented evidence that suggested that a number of Spanish and French flagged tuna vessels were fishing illegally in Liberian waters, Liberia realised they needed to take action. Stop Illegal Fishing consequently briefed Mozambican authorities about the possibility of an IUU vessel coming to port in Mozambique.

The Doniene requested entry into port in Nacala, Mozambique, at the beginning of April for a pre-fishing briefing and inspection prior to receiving a fishing license under the present Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) between the European Union (EU) and Mozambique. Based upon the existing information and on-going investigations, the Minister of Agriculture in Liberia, Hon. Florence A. Chenoweth requested assistance from the Ministry of Fisheries in Mozambique, whom she asked to detain and inspect the vessel on their behalf. Copies of evidence of its illegal activities in Liberia’s waters were also included in this communication.

The Doniene was initially issued a license to fish in Mozambique’s waters pending the Spanish Government’s commitment to provide the results of its investigation to Mozambique within the set time. However, further new evidence on the case from both Liberia and Norway arose, and in consideration of this evidence and the magnitude of alleged gross illegal fishing by several Spanish vessels in Liberia’s waters, the Mozambique Ministry has suspended the fishing privileges of the Doniene effective immediately, until the case is resolved between Liberia and Spain.

The stand taken by Mozambique in carrying out the inspection in support of the investigation is a strong example of continental cooperation between two coastal countries to combat IUU fishing in Africa.

Read the article from SIF here 

Read more about Illegal Fishing in Liberia here



Spanish superseiner accused Of Ilegal Tuna Fishing In Mozambique Channel

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A superseiner owned by Inpesca has been fined Euro 1.2 million for fishing illegally in Mozambique waters, according to Mozambique’s Ministry of Fisheries.

Mozambique authorities inspected the purse seiner, Txori Argi, in Nacala port on March 18 and discovered it did not have its fishing license for the area on board, nor did it send the mandatory report, that details its catch aboard the vessel, prior to entering the region. The vessel had in excess of 1000 tons of fish on board. Since the Friend of the Sea (FOS) website lists Inpesca as certified sustainable, this charge could possibly hurt this status. Inpesca is one of four companies that make up Pevaeche, the first company in Europe to have their tuna vessels in the Atlantic Ocean certified by FOS since Sept. 2010.
Txori Argi has been operating in the northern part of the Mozambican Channel since the start of the 2012 purse seine fishing season. In addition to fishing in the Atlantic Ocean (from Mauritania to Angola) and the Indian Ocean (from the east African coast to the east of Indonesia), Inpesca will be extending its fishing activity to the Pacific Ocean “in the not too distant future,” according to its website. All five of its purse seiners are authorized to fish in the IOTC region.


Toothfish poacher leaves Singapore as “Ray” – enters the Indian Ocean as “Constant”

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IUU listed vessel "KILY" transmitting the name "RAY" in Singapore, March 1st

IUU listed vessel Kily transmitting the name "Ray" in Singapore, March 1st

The IUU listed vessel Kily (the name under which she is IUU listed by CCAMLR) was spotted leaving Singapore a week ago transmitting the new name RAY through its AIS signals. The global register of ships IHSF consequently updated its records to show vessel name “RAY”.

The aim of these frequent flag changes is to avoid being recognized as the IUU listed vessel when entering ports. All members of CCAMLR, the international body managing fishery resources around the Antarctic, are required to refuse IUU listed vessels access to ports. The vessel was put on the CCAMLR IUU list for fishing without a license in the southern Indian Ocean in 2006, then with the “Tropic”. The vessel has subsequently changed name to Constant, Kily, Ray and now possible Constant again. Although what the vessels’ registration papers say may be different from what is painted on the hull.

Thus, when the international ship registers had updated the vessel information with the new name “Ray”, the captain changed the AIS signal back to the old “Constant”


IUU listed vessel Kily entering the Indian Ocean transmitting her old name "Constant" through her AIS


Toothfish poacher with funny new name

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The CCAMLR IUU listed vessel “Kily” has changed name, flag and owner. Last week, TM Foundation noted that the vessel transmitted the name “Ray” and flag “Belize” from its AIS in Singapore harbour. Now the vessel’s records have been updated in IHSF (Lloyd’s Register of Ships online).

The vessel’s new official name is RAY EX KILY and the flag is Belize. The vessel also has a new registered owner, Belfast Global SA in Panama. The company is was founded in 2012 and it is as likely to be a new shell for the old owners as an actual beneficial owner change.

The RAY EX KILY is still in Singapore, but has started to move around port. (below) To see the vessel’s history of name, flag and owner changes see the vessel sheet in the TM combined IUU vessel list. 

RAY EX KILY last 24 hour movements in Singapore

Toothfish poachers Pion and Kily in Singapore

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The two CCAMLR IUU listed vessels Pion and Kily appears to be in Singapore. Both vessels are now sending AIS signals.

The vessels are known to change flag and name frequently and the information from the AIS signals is not entirely consistent with information in the official ship registers of IHSF. The Kily seems to have changed name to “RAY” and flag to Belize, judging from the AIS transmission from the vessel.

Verification from Singapore on the vessels’ flags, names, call signs and whether they have landed fish in Singapore would be valuable.

The vessels’ MMSI numbers are:

IUU listed vessel Pion

IMO: 8713392

MMSI: 334700000

Details: Pion from IUU vessel list

AIS track Marine Traffic: MMSI 334700000


IUU listed vessel Kily

IMO: 6607666,

MMSI: 312451000

Details: Kily from IUU vessel list

AIS track Marine Traffic: MMSI 312451000

Kily in the Southern Oceans. Name at the time "Tropic"

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