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Poacher Ray has lost her flag and is operating in SEAFO area

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The CCAMLR and IUU listed fishing vessel Ray was denied a fishing license in Angola in May this year and asked to leave Luanda immediately. She left port June 8th. Since then she has operated in international waters just off the Angolan 200 mile zone. Ray was registered to Belize when she arrived in Luanda in April, but she is now listed in IHSF with flag “unknown”.

The CCAMLR IUU listed vessel Yangzi Hua 44 has changed name to Wutaishan Anhui 44

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Unconfirmed information suggests that the Yangzi Hua 44, IUU listed by CCAMLR, has changed name to Wutaishan Anhui 44.

The Wutaishan Anhui 44 was last seen at 0528 GMT on Tuesday 24 April 2012 at position 07°50’south, 102°59’east, heading 052° at 11 knots. That indicates that the vessel was on her way to Singapore or some other port in the area. The vessel seems to be flagged to Tanzania with Zanzibar as home port. The new call sign is 5IM488. The call sign and home port can be seen in the pictures below. The vessel is, as is common for IUU vessels, attempting to hide name and home port under a fishing net.

You can read more about the history of the vessel here.

IUU-vessel list details.

















Poacher Ray in Luanda for 12 days

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The toothfish poacher RAY, ex Kily, Constant and Tropic is in Luanda and has been there for the past 12 days. In March, the TM Foundation noted that the IUU listed vessel “Kily” had changed name, flag and owner. The vessel transmitted the name “Ray” and flag “Belize” from its AIS in Singapore harbour.

The vessel is IUU listed by CCAMLR, therefore also IUU listed by SEAFO. Since Angola is a member of SEAFO, the country is obliged to take action.

To see the vessel’s history of name, flag and owner changes see the vessel sheet in the TM combined IUU vessel list. 




Toothfish poacher leaves Singapore as “Ray” – enters the Indian Ocean as “Constant”

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IUU listed vessel "KILY" transmitting the name "RAY" in Singapore, March 1st

IUU listed vessel Kily transmitting the name "Ray" in Singapore, March 1st

The IUU listed vessel Kily (the name under which she is IUU listed by CCAMLR) was spotted leaving Singapore a week ago transmitting the new name RAY through its AIS signals. The global register of ships IHSF consequently updated its records to show vessel name “RAY”.

The aim of these frequent flag changes is to avoid being recognized as the IUU listed vessel when entering ports. All members of CCAMLR, the international body managing fishery resources around the Antarctic, are required to refuse IUU listed vessels access to ports. The vessel was put on the CCAMLR IUU list for fishing without a license in the southern Indian Ocean in 2006, then with the “Tropic”. The vessel has subsequently changed name to Constant, Kily, Ray and now possible Constant again. Although what the vessels’ registration papers say may be different from what is painted on the hull.

Thus, when the international ship registers had updated the vessel information with the new name “Ray”, the captain changed the AIS signal back to the old “Constant”


IUU listed vessel Kily entering the Indian Ocean transmitting her old name "Constant" through her AIS


Poacher RAY leaving Singapore

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The toothfish poacher RAY, ex Kily, Constant and Tropic is leaving Singapore, heading northwest for the Indian Ocean. The vessel name has been confirmed to be RAY, owner and operator Belfast Global in Panama.

Vessel details Ray

Poacher with new flag

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The toothfish poacher Pion, formerly Piscis, South Boy, Gale, Yin Peng, Chu Lim and the Bird has  changed flag to Honduras. The vessel has been flagged to North Korea, Togo and Mongolia the last five years the . 

The vessel is IUU listed by CCAMLR and by the South East Atlantic Fishery Organization SEAFO. The vessel is thus subject to sanctions like denial of access to port in the member states of these organizations such as the China, Korea, Japan, Australia, the EU, South Africa and Namibia.

Details on the vessel can be found here.

See and search the IUU vessel lis here. 



Illegal fishing in Liberia

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Documentation gathered by Stop Illegal Fishing (SIF) and the Trygg Mat Foundation indicates that number of tuna purse seiners flagged to France, Spain, Belize and South Korea appears to have been fishing without valid licenses in the Liberian 200 mile zone. 

Trygg Mat has tracked the movements of fishing vessels in Liberian waters for 9 months. Last summer, five vessels were tracked with vessel movements consistent with fishing in the Liberian 200 mile zone. A new investigation in January 2012 show an additional seven vessels with the same kind of fishery related activities in the zone. The Liberian Fisheries administration confirms to the SIF that the vessels do not have valid fishing licenses in Liberia.

Read the article from SIF here


Stop Illegal Fishing is a component of NEPAD’s Partnership for African Fisheries programme