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IUU listed vessel Seabull 22 with new name

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The CCAMLR and SEAFO IUU listed vessel Seabull 22, IMO 6803961 seems to have changed name to Itziar II. The vessel is most likely still Nigeria flagged and she has the same radio call sign as earlier.

The vessel was spotted by sports fishermen 30 miles off the Angola coast in June this year. The vessel was operating gill nets at 100 to 200 meter depth.

This is the third former toothfish poacher to appear in the South Atlantic in a short period of time. Also in June the poacher Ray lost her Belize flag after having tried to get a fishing license in Angola. And further south the poacher Octopus-1 is still operating in international waters after having changed name (from Pion) and flag (to Mongolia) in mid June.

Itziar II in Angola June 2012 (

Seabull 22 (then Gold Dragon) fishing in the southern oceans